Filter the Noise!

Have you ever noticed how much chatter we're surrounded with in everyday life? I define chatter as verbiage I don't really need to hear such as other peoples' cell phone calls or the grocery store PA system. Could I function well if I were actually listening to all of this "stuff"? No, I could not. We once lived close to some railroad tracks.  At first, the noise was extremely distracting but soon we barely noticed the sound of the trains.  The railroad clatter had become “background noise”.   

What does this have to do with raising our children?  We need to limit what we say so that they are not overwhelmed by information and instruction. We’ve all had the experience of repeatedly asking a child to do something only to be ignored.  Maybe we weren’t being ignored; it could be we were talking so much that we were no longer being heard.   

Perhaps it would be good to examine our priorities. What needs definite correction, what needs redirection, what is just a child’s personality and what is so unimportant we can ignore it completely?   If we don't want our voices to become "background noise", it might be a good idea for us to learn to choose our words more carefully.