Mango and His Dog Duncan

Hardback. 36 pgs.  Library binding.

Duncan lives with Mango and his people family.  He provides plenty of entertainment and gets into his share of trouble as well.

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I loved it! It is beautifully written and illustrated and can be enjoyed by babies, children, adults and cat lovers! It reminds me of my old childrens' books such as Heidi and the Bobbsey Twins,etc.   --Barbara Mangano

 I must admit, I couldn't wait until Christmas.   I went to visit my grandchildren Sunday . . . We read about Mango and Duncan.  I didn't know Mango had a friend, Domino, who lives right across from him. It's great that they can see each other and talk.  It is nice to have such a smart friend.  We are all excited about your next book coming out in 2016.   --Fran