Mango and the Square Green Cat

Hardback. 28 Pages.

Have you ever seen a square green cat? Well, I have! In this story, you'll find out all about the day I met him.

Since I'm a cat, I thought I knew all about cats.  Then, one day I learned a cat can be an unusual shape and color.  Really!  Like square and green; isn't that amazing?!  You'll have fun reading this story.

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As a parent, I love the themes of acceptance and love in each of the Mango books.  I enjoy sharing these stories with my children.  --Wendy

Our grandson, Anthony, was about four years old when I bought the first book in the Mango series, "Mango and the Square Green Cat."  He loved hearing about Mango's daily adventures.  With two cats in his own home, it was even more fun to compare their behavior with Mango's.  As a grandmother, I am always looking for positive and entertaining books for my grandchildren.  "Mango and the Square Green Cat" is a great choice for both young children who are being read to and also those who are reading by themselves.  The book has a lot of interesting things that only a cat like Mango could tell you:0)  --Alice T., Tallahassee, Florida

The Mango series of books are an excellent way of engaging my students and introducing them to the many joys of reading.The characters are so vividly illustrated!  The children enjoy the interactions Mango has with "his family" and "his dog"! We are looking forward to reading the continuing escapades of our favorite orange kitty, "Mango." -- Ms. Gwendolyn, Kindergarten Teacher

Several years ago I was introduced to the Mango book series. While reading the first book, what came to my mind was "how refreshing"! As  the owner and operator of Children's Depot Power Station (CDP) Children and Family Care Center, I am very particular about selecting literature for my students.  Both the colorful portrayal of "Mango the Cat" along with the humorous way of teaching life lessons to children of all ages are phenomenal. These books have been a personal favorite of mine to share with my own children and family members as well.  --Deborah J. Lee, owner and operator, CDP Children and Family Care Center

The first thing I noticed was the cover composition. The artwork was clear and colorful making it appealing to children. The pages of the book are heavy and smooth. Children love to feel the pages when they first get acquainted with a book. The print was clear and a very readable font. In the beginning of the books the paw prints are a good introduction to the character of Mango and give little ones a sense of going into the story. Facial expressions are easy for children to see and understand. After hearing the story, the expressions help children retell or relive the story for their own enjoyment. The dream clouds showing thoughts help to generate the idea that children can also have non-verbal thoughts.  --Monica P., teacher of 40 years