Friends, guess what!  

My people Mom has written a new book about her Uncle Alfred!  He is one of my favorite people because he is SOOO funny!!  If you didn’t know that watermelons can grow on tress, you need to read this book!

Get your copy today while the book is on sale!


Hi! My name is Mango.  

My family named me Mango, because they love mangoes and they love me just as much! Mangoes are a fruit that is orange inside, sort of like the color of my fur.  I’m glad carrots, pumpkins, or squash weren’t their favorite food. I wouldn’t like to be named one of those!

People say I'm a big cat, because my fur is very long and thick. Everyone just loves to pet me because I'm so soft! 

I have lots of fun and adventures with my people family.  Come and join me in the fun!


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