1500 Chickens!

During a conversation with the manager of a grocery store, I was told they sell 1500 cooked rotisserie chickens per week in just his store!  When asked to explain the large number, he said people don’t know how to roast a chicken.  I’ve met several people who don’t, so he could be right.  What does this have to do with raising children?  If our goal is to produce happy, healthy, well adjusted adults, it has a lot to do with it!  The vast majority of us have heard about the importance of wise diet choices, but do we choose well?  Considering the epidemic of weight issues and illness in our country, even in children, the answer is obvious.

There are some great cooking shows on television or we can ask a friend to teach us.  Those of us who do know how to cook often believe we don’t have the time.  Actually, this could be a deception!  Waiting in a restaurant drive through line or for seating and service inside a restaurant can be very time consuming.  We have to go to the grocery store anyway so why not use this time more wisely?  Planning a week’s menu and using a list help avoid multiple trips.  We can also cut down preparation time by cooking a few ingredients that can be used in several recipes.  We spend time doing what is important to us.  Encouraging our children to eat well will have more impact when they see us making it a priority.

If we’re teaching our children survival skills, cooking should probably be at the top of the list. Not only is it healthier to limit trips to fast food restaurants and consumption of convenience foods, it’s also much more economical.  The ability to cook nutritious meals will be an advantage in any situation.  If your adult child gets his own apartment, stretching the budget and avoiding some doctor bills will be helpful.  Your future son or daughter-in-law will thank you for giving their spouse cooking lessons!  Knowing how to cook produces only positive results and it’s a fun activity your entire family will enjoy!